Vietnam = Animal Torture

Vietnam is insane. You read it here first. We’re talking about a country that believes that holding living, breathing, sentient beings in small cages and draining their bile is a reasonable thing to do.

Bile is a digestive juice produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder and these bizarre fucks believe it holds mystical powers of some sort as an active ingredient in 14th century, archaic, cave-dwelling asian ‘medicine’.

It’s been used in traditional ‘medicine’ in Vietnam, China and Japan for thousands of years and it has been claimed that it cures everything from hangovers, liver cirrhosis to cancer. Idiots! So these low-life pieces of shit hold Asiatic black bears (also called Moon Bears) in tiny cages, extracting their bile twice a day through an implanted tube which produces 10–20 mL of bile each session.

The process is believed to be painful, as the bears can be seen moaning and chewing their paws while being milked. Other methods include pushing a hollow steel stick through the bear’s abdomen. The use of metal catheters has been banned, though bile bears are still seen with catheters in them. I’d like to do the very same thing to the people that inflict this pain.

From Wikipedia:

To facilitate the bile milking process, the bears are commonly kept in extraction cages, also known as crush cages, that measure around 2.6 feet x 4.4 feet x 6.5 feet (79 cm x 130 cm x 200 cm) for an animal that weighs between 110 to 260 pounds (50 to 120 kg). While this allows for easier access to the abdomen, it also prevents the bears from being able to stand upright, or in some cases move at all. Living for 10–12 years under such circumstances results in severe mental stress and muscle atrophy. The Chinese media reported an incident in which a mother bear strangled her own cub then killed herself. In two model Chinese bile farms, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reports that the bears are moved to the crush cages for milking, but the rest of the time live in a cage large enough to stand and turn around.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals sent researchers to 11 bile farms. They reported seeing bears moaning, banging their heads against their cages, and chewing their own paws. The mortality rate is high. Bile bears suffer from a variety of physical problems which include loss of hair, malnutrition, stunted growth, muscle mass loss, and often have their teeth and claws extracted. When the bears stop producing bile after a few years, they are usually killed for their meat, fur, paws and gall bladders. Bear paws are considered a delicacy, and have been seen priced at $250.

Yes, these people actually do this to living animals. And for what? Because they believe that drinking the animal’s bile is good for a hangover? WTF?? What frigging century are they living in? You’re probably wondering where the Vietnamese government is in all of this? After a good degree of goading and global condemnation, an agreement between Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) will establish a national task force for the phasing out of bear farms.

This will take time as local braindead peasants are weaned off the cashflow bear bile provides and many, many animals will continue to suffer until this barbarism is finally stamped out. Meanwhile the practice will continue and many animals will die of infection and other horrible ailments due to filthy conditions, poor treatment and general abuse.

If I could, I would personally travel to Vietnam, hunt these simpletons down and slap the living shit out of each and every one of them. Meanwhile I can only ask you to boycott Vietnam in every sense of the word until they put an end to this madness. Don’t travel to their wretched country and don’t buy their products and goods sold here in Canada or elsewhere. Their treatment of animals is abhorrent and should be treated as such by every person with a conscience.

Sign petitions and raise hell with the governments of Japan and China to stop this cruel, disgusting, medieval practice. It’s simply barbaric and beyond cruel and makes me weep for these poor abused animals.

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  1. Susan Telford   •  

    I’m so aware of this and so disgusted and horrified by it that I cannot even watch. I cannot fathom how human beings can be so horribly cruel to another living creature. This is beyond sickening, and I hope those who do these horrible things to our beautiful animals come back in another life as mosquitos. The don’t deserve to be on this planet in human or animal form.

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