Bad people and their bad dogs

FinleyThe little girl you see on the left is Finley, a 3 year old female miniature Sheltie with, according to his owner, an insanely upbeat disposition. She was attacked by a much larger dog and seriously injured in April. The owners of the dog that attacked little Finley didn’t respond to their dog’s attack, didn’t offer help, didn’t do anything other than leave. Quickly.

The above picture of Finley is actually a happy picture. She’s lying in the sun outside Canada West Vet Hospital, recuperating from her injuries and doing what dogs do best, sleeping.

Inconsiderate, irresponsible and obnoxious dog owners are everywhere, even in my neighbourhood as mentioned in a previous post. The assholes that own the dog that attacked Finley and the neighbours who own the dog that attacked my buddy Benjamin (twice!) know nothing about caring for an animal and consider it their right to subject others to their ignorance.

I confronted my neighbours a few days ago and asked why their dog was not wearing the muzzle as ordered by the city after a rash of attacks on neighbourhood pets. They ignored me. I persued them with my iPhone and recorded me asking them why their dog was STILL not wearing a muzzle. They called the police. Textbook aggressive dog owners.

Some dogs are born bad but significantly more are taught to be bad by irresponsible owners. I’m not sure what’s up with the two incidents I’ve outlined but I do know that both were preventable. Both incidents were a direct result of bad people with dogs, people that care little about anything else other than themselves. Not their neighbours, not other dogs, not their dogs. Just themselves. That’s why they’re assholes.

You can follow Finley’s progress on Facebook.

The lowlife owners of the dogs that attacked Finley. Give the police a call if you recognize these miscreants:
Dog attack owners
Dog attack owners2

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