Last Day at 2250 Granville

June 27, 1997 was the last day of Pacific Newspaper Group (formerly Pacific Press) at 2250 Granville Street in Vancouver so I brought my crappy video camera to document the festivities before the big move to 200 Granville Street, our present location. Pacific Press moved into 2250 Granville Street in 1965 (from 100 West Pender) and although the old building was showing its age and smelled and looked somewhat like a Dickensian aslylum, it felt like a newspaper building. The floors would tremble when the big presses started up for the day’s printing and there was a general sense of camaraderie and participation in the group effort it took to produce the newspapers.

The top floor lunchroom had a spectacular view and was used by everyone involved in the day-to-day production of The Vancouver Sun and The Province so it was a great place to catch up on the latest news and gossip. Everyone seemed to know everyone else and departments and employees mixed for food and conversation.

The video begins in the Electronic Advertising department (such as it was in the early days of digital ad production) and makes its way through the composing department, advertising floor (pizza time!), mailroom and then outside the building for my final taste of free downtown parking. Ah…those were truly the good old days. Enjoy.
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  1. steve proulx   •  

    Hi Adam, thanks for the link to 2250 Granville. It was a terrific memory ride through composing, ad traffic and EAP. I couldn’t remember where my old office was (one of many I had) — did EAP move in there or did you guys have a separate room in the same area?

  2. steve proulx   •  

    never mind — I just watched it again — that WAS my old office you guys were in. By that time I had moved to the Ad Foreman’s office (boy those WERE some interesting days)

  3. Ron   •  

    I began in that building in 1968 as a “hot metal” apprentice compositor and left in 1989 as a telemarket group sales supervisor. So much change! Good while it lasted.

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