The Moustache Movement

Fellow employee and big-time Movember supporter Susan B. managed to talk most of our fellow employees (those without a germ phobia anyway) into donning a paper moustache to support my Movember Prostate Cancer fund raising endeavor. Each employee suffered the indignity of sticking the beautifully crafted paper moustache on to the upper lip (or other areas as outlined in the photos below) and having their photo taken and displayed on a wall in our office.

To ensure the world is aware of their personal sacrifice I’ve taken the liberty of posting the images here for all to see. Note to participants: The only way to have me remove your image is to make a donation to my Movember Prostate Cancer Canada web page located HERE. But if you’re happy with your picture and you haven’t donated please visit my page and make a contribution to a very worthwhile project.

This should scare up a few more donations!

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