The Sedation Vacation

Travelling, though obviously extremely rewarding and educational, can be challenging in this terrorism and COVID-19 world. Simply getting on a plane and flying to a destination anywhere in the world involves a lot of waiting, security checks, more waiting, cramped seats, bad food, even more waiting and transportation to and from the airport to your chosen hotel, Airbnb or cabin in the wilderness. All of which sacrifices the first and last days of your trip to the rigours of modern travel and leave you exhausted and irritable upon arrival at your destination.

As a frequent traveller, I’ve given this some thought and have a practical and simple solution I like to call the Sedation Vacation.

Picture this: On the day of your departure the SV (Sedation Vacation) technicians appear at your home (or hotel if you’re heading back after a relaxing 2 weeks on the beach) to prepare you for your trip. You provide your packed luggage, required documents (passport, visa etc) and any special instructions they may need to get you safely and securely to your destination.

The technicians place you on a comfortable gurney, administer peaceful and relaxing sedation and cart you off to the airport. Once they arrive, you are whisked through check-in, security checks and all the other hoopla that is the typical transportation experience, placed in the designated area within the participating carrier’s plane, strapped in and monitored during the flight to ensure you don’t awaken and have to deal with bitchy cabin crews or washroom lineups.

Your slumber continues as you’re jetted to your destination, completely unaware of the hassles and headaches usually associated with travel. Once you arrive at your destination, the technicians wheel you through the usual obstacles and transport you to your hotel, condo or whatever accommodations you have arranged for your visit. 

Your trusty SV techs check you in, quickly wheel you and your luggage to the room, unpack your belongings,  move you from the gurney to a comfortable bed and administer the required drugs to bring you back from your deep sleep. Your holiday begins as you arise at your destination, refreshed and none the wiser of any issues that may have cropped up during your trip. 

After a week or more of relaxation, sun, sightseeing and various exotic meals and adventures, it’s time to return to the hellish existence you call your life. The SV technicians arrive as scheduled, pack your bags, assemble any documentation required for the return trip, place you back on the comfy gurney and once again sedate you until you’re floating on pink clouds and jamming with Hendrix. You’re returned to your home, your belongings are unpacked and you’re awoken to resume your dismal life. 

I realize there may be occasion that clients may need to be woken from their slumber in transit, such as hijackings, impending crash (although I’d rather sleep through that if possible) or any other emergency that arises however most trips would be effortless and relaxing for the slumbering traveller. A far cry from the usual nightmare we call travelling and a better way to start and end the vacation we so covet in our busy and exhausting lives. 

Brilliant? Yes. Simple? Absolutely! Realistic? Probably not but who knows what the future may bring in this fast changing world. Rich guys get richer and the rest of us struggle through the days of our lives so this may become an option for those willing to pay a bit more for time away.

Remember, you heard it here first.



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