Love Those Villagers

FengshuiDeathsThere’s obviously no lack of wacky, insane stories that come out of China such as nude suicidal brides, tasty dog menu items, rampaging knife wielding schoolyard killers and many more.

One thing I’ve noted is the lack of irony in these stories. Until now.

Check out this gem via CEN…

Armed police converged on this village in central China’s Henan province after an enraged local man killed eight people including three children with a knife because they had damaged the feng shui of his house by putting up a mirror.

The argument started when villager Li Hsing, 40, discovered that his neighbour had put a mirror on the front of his house to deflect evil spirits. The problem, according to Li, is that the mirror was pointing directly at his house and as far as he was concerned that meant he was ending up with his neighbour’s bad luck.

He demanded that the mirror be removed and after the neighbour refused a heated argument developed. And it turned to violence when a second neighbour turned up and tried to get Li to drop the matter.

A police spokesman said: “It appears that he felt threatened in the confrontation and he grabbed a knife and attacked the other two families involved in the argument, killing three adults, three children and two elderly people.”

He then smashed the mirror saying that he did not care about what had happened, the main thing was that the evil spirits were now no longer being deflected over to his house in the village of Beidian in the province’s Liangwa township.

He smashed the mirror AFTER killing eight people. Ironic, huh?

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