Animal Abusers

Dog killer Emma Paulsen

Dog killer Emma Paulsen

Self-employed dog walker Emma Paulsen killed six dogs, one of them her own, by leaving them locked inside a sweltering truck canopy under a blazing sun until they perished. She reportedly left the canopy window open and a single bowl of water which is next to useless when the temperatures soar within the confines of a fiberglass canopy. So what did this miscreant do after discovering the animals in her care were dead? She hid the bodies and fabricated a story about the dogs being ‘stolen’ by an unknown thief. Absolutely disgusting.

And then there’s the eight assholes at Chilliwack Cattle Sales who were caught torturing cows. These shitbags were recorded by an undercover worker of Mercy for Animals Canada beating, kicking and hanging these poor animals. The video was turned over to the SPCA and charges are pending but I’m not holding my breath. These bastards need to be punished. Severely.

CBC reported that the undercover worker reported animal abuse to the owner but was ignored. Co-owner Jeff Kooyman said “Obviously we failed” when questioned by the CBC. Ya think Jeff? And are we to believe that he or any other management were not aware of what these pricks were up to? Highly doubtful.

In my job at a major Canadian metropolitan newspaper I see stories daily about the abuse we humans unleash on the innocent animal population of this planet. I’m sick to death of it.

I’m still unable to fathom why anyone would glean any pleasure from hurting an animal, whether or not they feel it’s warranted. Torturing a living thing that can’t defend itself or, oddly, refuses to defend itself has no defense. Anyone that hits their dog, kicks their cat or inflicts pain on any living animal is a much lesser being than the animal it’s abusing.

Convicted animal abuser and killer Brian Whitlock.

Convicted animal abuser Brian Whitlock.

Our courts do little or nothing about the problem and until animals are recognized for exactly what they are, sentient beings that feel pain and fear, they will continue to be abused. Thankfully there are far more animal lovers than abusers but the minority will continue to inflict pain and suffering until the majority recognize that this is patently wrong and needs to stop.

People like Joseph White and Elizabeth Johnston, Brian Whitlock, Jamie Visser and Travis Keefer and all other animal abusing shitbags should have exactly the same thing done to them that they have inflicted on their victims. In fact, I volunteer to dole out the punishment.

And much like the abusers, I would sleep soundly after inflicting copious amounts of pain and suffering on these deserving scumbags.

Unfortunately I can’t do anything for the scores of animals they have abused. But let’s hope there’s a special place in hell reserved for every animal abuser on this planet.

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  1. SinceYourVolunteering   •  

    Travis Keefer’s facebook reveals he’s an ignorant red-neck swine. He’s not discrete nor does he protect his privacy (e.g. mobile uploads reveal his car, licence #, home, friends, where he frequents). Given what he’s done, one would think he’d be more careful:

    He’s currently lives in Chilliwack and is employed as a truck driver at Visscher Lumber and, surprisingly, graduated in 2011 from Timothy Christian School (not exactly a convincing testimonial for Jesus!).

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