One Less Scumbag

ThiefThieving scumbags are all around us, snatching purses, removing the contents from our cars, breaking into our homes and causing nothing but headaches and misery. So it’s exceedingly satisfying when one of them gets caught, and even more so when it’s caught on video.

A lowlife, miscreant piece of shit had the misfortune to attempt his shoplifting caper in the presence of an off duty North Vancouver RCMP officer. And it was documented in its entirety by an intrepid videographer who narrates the collar while conversing with a 911 operator. I found it hilarious that the thieving douche continually asks his captor, between sobs and whinging, “Why are you doing this”? I think we could all ask the very same question of the thieving douche, couldn’t we?

Behold, the disruption in the career of a Vancouver lowlife. So satisfying, so very satisfying…

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