Another Visit From Yogi

yogi bearSo what’s a bear to do on a Sunday morning? Well, he could visit my home, push the garden waste recycling bin on it’s side and scoop the tasty contents out on to the lawn. That would be fun, right?

Yogi, as I’ve named the large black interloper, has added our recycling bin to his schedule and visits at least once a week to dine on it’s stinky, ant-covered contents. Someone (no names here of course) does not fully latch the ‘bear-proof’ container so Yogi has no problems thrusting his paw into one side and removing the rotting treats he finds within. (Let me just say that the bear-proof bin is indeed bear-proof if latched correctly. But again, no name will be uttered in this report…Sharon)

Watch below as good old Yogi ignores Park Ranger Smith (that’s me) yelling at him from the balcony dirctly above his very large head. And Boo-Boo was nowhere to be seen.

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