Pierces = Pure Pop Pleasure

The Pierces2Who would have thought that an insipid rom com would introduce me to some of the freshest, purest pop I’ve heard in some time. Behold The Pierces, sisters, writers and performers of creative, catchy and addictive tunes not heard since Heart’s debut Dreamboat Annie back in 1975. They even have the black hair/blond hair, guitar player thing goin’ on but the roles are reversed. Oh, and they’re not too hard on the eyes, much like the lovely Wilson sisters.

The Pierces are Allison Margaret Pierce and Catherine Eleanor Pierce, born two years apart in Birmingham, Alabama. Their most recent release, the 2011 album You & I, is on constant rotation on my iphone, in my car and everywhere else I can listen at some time during the day. To say it’s good is a huge understatement. It’s close to pop perfection.

It’s a bit unfortunate that Allison and Catherine used their surname to label their band as it conjures images of tattooed, spandexed vixens screaming fake punk into phallic microphones (well it did for me anyway but perhaps that’s just my upbringing), but nothing could be further from the truth. There are only so many adjectives one can use to describe really good pop music and I won’t use any more than required here but, as mentioned, fresh and pure do the job nicely.

Watch the live (I repeat…LIVE!!) video of You’ll Be Mine below, performed at Shepherd’s Bush, London. How often do you hear performers that actually sound good live without digital pitch correction or other technical intervention? The Pierces sound equally good on stage as they do in studio which, in my humble opinion, is the purest test of true talent. In fact, public live performance should be a prerequisite before any music makes it’s way to our delicate ears. Think of it as the a roadside breathalyzer for shitty singers. If you blow, you go. But I digress.

To enjoy the pure pop melodies, meaningful lyrics and aural bliss that is The Pierces, click your mouse HERE to visit iTunes and download their pop masterpiece You & I. Listen from start to finish. Repeat as required until the unused sections of your brain presently infested with Gaga and Bieber are filled with the cleansing, aural goodness that is The Pierces. Oh, and you should probably like them on Facebook.


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