The plight of poor Lennox

On May 19, 2010 Lennox, a 7 year old American Bulldog Lab cross, was seized by Belfast City Council Dog Warden in Ireland and locked away in a secret location awaiting euthanization.

Lennox is not an aggressive dog and, according to his family, has had absolutely no issues with humans or other dogs during his short life. He’s simply a victim of the Belfast Council’s war against perceived ‘vicious breeds’ and falls within their guidelines of animals that must be euthanized for no other reasons than fear and predjudice.

Lennox’s family was threatened by the Belfast dog warden who advised them over the phone “If you do not sign him over to us to be destroyed then you will most certainly lose your job as we will force a prosecution upon you through the courts.” Another case of pea-brained bureaucrats using their real and perceived powers to bully and threaten the very people that pay their salaries. But this time the dog’s owners didn’t lie down. They fought back.

At the time of this writing, Lennox has been locked up in an undisclosed location for 758 days, isolated from his family, other dogs or interaction with another living thing, and under the constant threat of death. All because he happens to be a particular breed of dog.

My best buddy Benjamin is a Pit Bull, Lab cross and is one of the most gentle, loving and sensitive dogs I’ve known. This is not to say that all pit bulls are cute and cuddly but most are gentle animals that don’t deserve the reputation foisted upon them by the media, ignorance and fear.

Every generation has had it’s bad dog. When I was a child the german shepherd was public enemy #1 and feared by parents and children as savage, blood thirsty killers. Which, as we all know, wasn’t particulary accurate. German shepherds are generally good dogs, dedicated and loving animals that bite, like most dogs, from fear or while protecting property or family.

Then it was the Doberman Pinscher, the Bulldog, variations of the Husky, and the über evil Rottweiler. All spent time on the list of dubious and deadly dog breeds. Which is interesting when it’s common knowledge that the most prolific biting breed is the cute and cuddly Dachshund. Go figger. The list goes on but the current predjudice presently sits solely at the feet of Pit Bulls and their owners. And so is the fate of Lennox and his family.

You can read the details of the Lennox situation on the Lennox campaign website, like his Facebook Page and follow his plight on Twitter.

If you’re a dog lover I urge you to get involved and support the thousands of other dog lovers worldwide that are disgusted with the treatment of this poor dog and his family. Sign the petition and let your voice be heard. Be the voice for a poor dog without a voice. This shit has to stop.

UPDATE: The Belfast City Council summarily killed poor Lennox without advising his family or allowing them to visit prior to his death. I sent a note to the assholes advising that I will NEVER visit their city for any reason whatsoever. Such a disgusting thing to do to an innocent living creature.


  1. Kate Storey   •  

    PLEASE save LENNOX! He is a GOOD & INNOCENT dog! He must not die!!!

  2. Carol Vincent   •  

    Lennox is a sweet and innocent dog. Let him go and return him to his family where he belongs. Do not kill an innocent animal!

  3. Kate Storey   •  

    PLEASE show some compassion! Do not kill Lennox!

  4. Mick O'Keeffe   •  

    As its been over 700 days since his family has seen Lennox and the ” authorities ” refuse to let them visit with him, I have the horrible feeling that they have already put him down and don’t have the balls to admit it. They have got to be sick people to leave the little guy on his own for tjhis long. Thats if he is still alive.

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