Gypsie leaves our neighbourhood

Gypsie the dog has left the neighbourhood and we’ll all miss her, even our buddy Benjamin who was at the receiving end of her bark from time to time. The neighbours who took the time to stop and say hello will miss seeing her walks up and down our street accompanied by the three members of her family.

Losing a pet is extremely hard for most of us as they take an important place within the family structure and tend to navigate their way through our lives, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. They become such a part of our families that life without them is unimaginable but, due to their unfairly short lifespans, they leave us far too soon.

Gypsie was a sweet little thing, defensive of her property and family (as any good dog should be) but once her family accepted visitors, a gentle soul with room for the occasional treat and head rub. Like other dogs she took her place and did her job as eyes, ears and nose of the home, alerting her family of incursions and all the while keeping a sharp eye on the smallest member. That’s what dogs tend to do and Gypsie took her responsibilities seriously.

So we say goodbye to Gypsie and hope her travels lead her to another loving family, a bowl of her favourite homemade food and an occasional tummy rub, because she deserves no less.

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