United Boulevard Launch

Some time ago I was scouring the internet for a list of furniture stores on United Boulevard in Coquitlam, the area commonly referred to as Mecca for furniture shoppers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a comprehensive list or even a web site to help me with my search. The tiny gears in my head started spinning, the light went on, I yelled “eureka!” then promptly forgot all about it. Until about a month ago.

After many, many hours of sometimes tedious work, lots of phone calls and a slow drive through the United Boulevard area taking notes, I’ve just launched UnitedBoulevard.com, a site that I hope will help others looking for the same information I was and help customers find the products and services available in this fantastic shopping area.

We’ve purchased lots of stuff from businesses along United Boulevard over the years including, chocolate (you have to try the chocolate covered pretzels available from Chocolate Works!), lots of furniture, tools, concert and stage shows and even the occasional hamburger from Wendy’s after a day of shopping. It’s a great place to find a deal, LOADS of free parking and lots of elbow room in the huge stores to allow comfortable shopping without bumping into carts, children and other annoyances.

Have a look at the site then do yourself a favour and visit the United Boulevard area if you’re in the market for furniture or any number of other goods and services available. And don’t forget to tell ’em you found their business on UnitedBoulevard.com!

UPDATE: After trying unsuccessfully to sell advertising on the website, I called it a day and sold the domain to ScanDesigns. They, in turn, have not developed the site and it has fallen off the Google radar and into obscurity.

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