Evergreen Toast

Translink ToastIt looks like those wild and crazy TransLink folks have pulled the plug on the much ballyhooed Evergreen Line and I for one am heaving a sigh of relief. Regional transportation commissioner Martin Crilly announced the decision based on the simple fact that it costs too much money. Gee…I could have told them that. I would have also told them how my nice, quiet little town would be turned upside down by the influx of thieves and drug pushers that would use the system to peddle their wares and steal from our homes and businesses. This isn’t rocket science but the reasoning seems to be ‘Anything in the name of development and expansion’.
I don’t agree with this theory and, as a Port Moody resident I’m glad the Evergreen Line has been sidelined for the time being. Now what happens to all the people that are living in the new developments that have sprung up in the last 5 years? Port Moody is overrun with people that live in all the new buildings that were built before the infrastructure is developed to support them. This was all being done because the Evergreen Line would take care of the overflow and reduce the traffic congestion now plaguing our city. Well Mr. Trasolini…what are you going to do now? It looks like local taxpayers will be on the hook for new roads, overpasses, bridges and other projects to alleviate some of the strain brought on by over-development. Hold on to your hats…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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