Update #2

Well, the neighbourhood a-holes signed for and received the registered letter we sent containing a copy of the vet bill and note advising we will take them to court if they don’t pay the bill. And what did they do? Nothing. But then again, what would one expect from a-holes?

We got a call from the city regarding our original complaint and were advised that the assholes denied our dog was even injured during the altercation. So what’s with the gash on his head…canine cranial stigmata? I’m absolutely staggered that two grown adults would act like such selfish, childish twats and ensure that they’ll be reviled by residents for the rest of their days living in this neighbourhood. Is it really worth $252.00 to be at odds with your neighbour? The a-holes obviously think so.

We’ll be dragging their pathetic asses into small claims court soon and I’ll be sure to post the play-by-play here for all to see. And perhaps their names and address so everyone knows who they are.

And please do me a favour…if you know these reprobates, please point them in the direction of this blog as I’d be delighted to read their comments.


  1. STEVE T   •  

    Come on!!!!

    Post their names!

  2. Josee B   •  

    Keep fighting and don’t give up. Take them to court and they’ll pay and look like the idiots for DENYING their dog attacked Ben. Too many would give up and say it’s not worth it – well it is worth it. These low lifes of society need to know that people will fight back for what is right and in their case TOTALLY unacceptable behavior! If you haven’t already the SPCA needs to know as well.

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