Update #1

After the recent attack on Benjamin by a neighbour’s unleashed dog and their refusal to pay the resulting vet bill, we’ve officially initiated Operation A-Hole:

  • Step One – Submitted a statement to the city outlining the event in detail and supplying a photo of poor Benjamin’s injuries. The city can deem their dog ‘aggressive’ which would increase their annual license fee.
  • Step Two – Sent the vet bill via registered mail to the A-holes with a cover letter stating that we would wait 7 days for payment after which we would initiate a claim in court.

We intend to ramp it up and drag them into court if they don’t respond to our registered letter and pay the vet bill. But will they leash their dog in the future? Who knows but we plan on making it quite uncomfortable for them until they start behaving like responsible dog owners. Stay tuned.


  1. Josee B   •  

    Get them in court and make them pay. In fact make their lives a living hell. Karma will bite them in the ass; it always does and they deserve nothing less!

  2. Johnny Vintage, Pork Rind Inventor   •  

    Any dog that does that to another dog will probably do the same to a small child. It should be put down right away, leash or no leash. It’s a dangerous animal!!

    You know where they live and should post it here. A steak covered in rat poison will do the job quite nicely. You obviously can’t do that as you would be the first suspect, but looking at the many responses you’ve received, it appears you have a small army of steak tossers out there.

    I doubt if the courts will do JACK about something like this. I’ve been is a similiar situation.

    You need to GIT-R-DONE!!

  3. Don N   •  

    Johnny V you live in the area too.I don’t,gimme the steak.

  4. Steve T   •  

    Take it from me, the courts are a total JOKE with a capital ‘J’ for Johnny V.

    I hate to say this, but I agree with the Pork Rinder!

    Post their names and addresses. The public will take it from there!

  5. Madame Hortense   •  

    It is good that you are taking action. More pressure needs to be put on the city to enforce the leash bylaw. It is very common to see people walking dogs on the inlet trail without a leash. I have even seem pit bulls, romping around. I have had several near misses and crashes on my bike, due to unleashed dogs.
    And then there is the dog shit. Little bags deposited everywhere, people leave them by the side of the trail or toss them into the woods where they become ensnared in the trees, forever. Even when they do toss them in the trash, in the summer the stench is sickening. All this fermenting crap is a health hazard.
    We need the cops to do something to enforce the law, raise the fines. Presently, nothing is being done.

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