Irresponsible A-holes

Benjamin's woundsIt’s well known that some dogs just don’t like other dogs. Our dog Benjamin and a neighbour’s dog just a block away don’t like each other for some unknown reason and waste no time barking and posturing whenever they meet. They’ve had 3 run-ins over the years and we keep Benjamin on a leash at all times on his walks primarily because of this dog, however our neighbours are not nearly as responsible.

My wife was out with Benjamin shortly after Canada’s gold medal hockey win (Go Canada!) when they came across his arch enemy out for a walk with his owners on the trail behind our home. They didn’t have their dog leashed and, ignoring their useless and feeble “Stop” and “Sit” commands, he charged our dog and latched on to his head. With Benjamin screaming in pain my wife attempted to disengage the attacker without being bitten herself but it was intent on inflicting as much damage to Benjamin as possible. Even the owners couldn’t control him and it took some time before they could finally drag their dog away leaving Benjamin with a large gash on his head.

My wife was some distance from our home with poor Benjamin bleeding profusely from the wounds on his head. So do you think these people offered assistance (there were two of them) or some help back with our wounded dog? Nope. They unapologeticly resumed their walk and my wife did her best to get Benjamin back to our home, in the car and off to the emergency veterinarian. I visited the couple shortly after my wife’s frantic phone call and advised that I would be presenting them with the vet bill and expected them to pay. Nope. They advised me that they were not responsible for the attack and wounds caused by their unleashed dog or the $252.00 bill for veterinarian care. I returned to their well lit and obviously inhabited home a bit later to give them a copy of the vet bill and, once again, ask them to do the right thing. And like the irresponsible twats they appear to be, they refused to answer the door. If you ignore the problem it will go away, right? Where do shitty neighbours like these come from and why in hell do they live in my neighbourhood?

So what do we do. Well, to start, we called the city but they can do little other than increase their dog license fee (assuming their dog is licensed) by designating it as an aggressive animal but we will submit a complaint and go as far with it as we can. Fair enough but that may not force them to be responsible or pay the vet bill. So we have little choice but to pursue the issue through the courts and we’re quite confident we’ll win but why does it have to come to this? Why can’t people just step up and be responsible rather than being, in my neighbourhood anyway, complete douchebags? I can’t answer that but they WILL end up paying Benjamin’s vet bill and probably a bit more. And I can also award these people the April Road Asshole of the Week Award. Congratulations you assholes and see you in court.


  1. Lexi   •  

    BENNY Noooooo!
    Dear April Road Assholes,
    How could you be so rude. What did Benny ever do to you, lick you to death or not pay any attention to you at some point in your waste of air and space lives? Give up this front and do the right thing….SAY YOU’RE SORRY FOR BEING ASSFACES AND PAY THE EFFIN VET BILL!

    Please Give Benny some lovin’ for me! Poor guy!

  2. Josee B   •  

    Assholes of the week – they deserve assholes of the century award. Not even FIT to own a dog – absolutely pathetic!!
    Take them to court, make them pay and take it as far as you can. They should not be dog owners at all. And as for putting the dog down….how about the owners??

  3. Don N   •  

    What a terrible mess! The dog should be on a leash and wearing at muzzle at the very least! If they were my neighbours, they wouldn’t live to run from that vet bill. What a couple of complete morons. Irresponsible pet owners who can’t control their animal shouldn’t be allowed to own a pet. Time to face the music folks. Your dog is a liability – pay up and GET HELP! Who is the real animal here?

  4. Steve lowe   •  

    Tell Benny I’m sorry this has happened. Tell your neighbours they are so far top contenders for my Douchebags du Decade “award”. I say make those April Roadents pay!

  5. Amanda   •  

    You need to make a phone call and report this to the SPCA – this is outrageous and totally irreponsible. Not even to help with your dog??? Small claims court here you come! See if they ignore that.

  6. Laura Hoorweg   •  

    This is the type of dog owner that gives all dog owners a bad name. I hate stories like this.

    A dog owners that insists on not having their dog on a leash as required in this area and then have absolutely no control over their animal. Then to top it off refuses to take responsiblity for their own incompitance.

    Wake up and smell the coffee, people if you are unable to control your dog you pay the price!

    Dog off leash, owners responsible. It’s not just one of those things that just happen.

    Buy a leash and use it. For the protection of your own dog and everyone elses.

    OMG wake up people… what next a small child mauled.

    Oh and I am sure it would be just one of those things to these irresponsible pet owners. He was just playing …right!

  7. Cupcake   •  

    How sad for us all that we have neighbors like these creeps. As a public service, can you give us a description of the attack dog so we can keep our pets and children clear of this vicious beast? I hope Ben makes a full and speedy recovery.

  8. Steve T   •  

    Why don’t you post the names, address and pictures of these assholes here and in your paper?

    That would surely embarass the pricks and let all the neighbours know who they are.

  9. Tracy C   •  

    This comment is coming from someone who also lost the “good neighbor lottery”! Fortunately mine doesn’t have a dog! These people must do the right thing and pay up, what complete IDIOTS! I imagine that there must be some emotional trauma from all of this, hmmmm….wonder how much that is worth? Pay the vet bill….you’re getting off easy! These neighbors definitely get the loser irresponsible ass-holes of the millenium award! Poor pup!

  10. Wayne   •  

    Sorry to hear about Benny’s mishap. Please give him a hug for Rhonda and I. As for the court outcome, I would strongly encourage the courts to put the other dog to sleep. Then justice will have been done and our streets will be safer.

  11. Steve T   •  

    Put the Owner assholes to sleep. It’s not the dog’s fault

  12. sharon   •  

    I understand everyones anger towards the dog. Believe me, as the person walking Benny at the time of the attack, I dont like the dog either but I think it’s the owners that deserve our anger. A pet owners responsibility is to keep not only their pet safe but those that come into contact with it. In this case the owners irresponsible actions caused pain and distress to my dog and upset both me and my husband. Their seeming lack of caring or concern for any damage done not to mention their refusal to pay our vet bill says a lot about the kind of people they are. It makes me feel almost sorry for the dog!

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