When Price Isn’t an Issue

Fazioli Piano Fazioli pianos are arguably the finest pianos in the world, hand made in Italy and priced accordingly. Their model F308 is the largest concert pianoforte in production today at 10′ 3″ and comes with an equally large base price of $147,000.00. That’s the base price. Now add a custom, very high-end case and you’re talking about serious dough.

Vancouver resident Zhao Zai Chen commissioned architect Ernest Collins and his wife, professional artist/designer Grace Gordon-Collins to design a case for this world-class musical instrument. After all, Collins designed the 19,000 square foot Shaughnessy home (worth $17.5 million when Chen purchased it in 2010) where the piano would reside, so why not design a case for the custom built piano? Duh.

Ernest and Grace also designed the cabinet that went in behind the piano and the picture frame that housed the commissioned art work for the room. The cabinet was built by Joe Edwards of TLC Furniture Design, and the large oil painting of the piano’s purchasing family is by Vancouver artist Michael Solomon.

View the video, check out the home, the carpets, the very size of the residence. It’s all about money and, although the decorating is slightly over the top and a bit ‘Donald Trump’, it gives an interesting glimpse into the life of the fabulously wealthy and how they choose to spend their money.

Oh yes, and the cost of the Fazioli F308 with custom cabinetry, additional cabinetry and picture frame containing a commissioned painting depicting 10 members of the Chen clan taking tea in their summertime garden while Fazioli himself entertains them at the keyboard? A paltry $500,000.

Half a million dollars for a piano and a picture. And there are people living out of shopping carts in this city. Think about that for a moment.

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