I’ve been listening to music all my life, probably from moments after my birth and will probably be listening to music moments before my death. Music has been with me for all the great events in my life and has helped me through some of the worst. It attaches itself to your memories and can drag you back to a sunny day with friends at the beach in 1978 or waking in the snow along Victoria’s Fort Street in the early evening of 1985. All of the images, smells and sounds become clear with the help of music.

Everyone has a favourite song, something they probably connect with a specific moment or event in their lives. Music is the soundtrack of our existence (oooh, heavy!) and we edit our score on a daily basis, adding new pieces to new events for future memory recollections.

Here’s a few that do it for me:

Claude Debussy’s Clair De Lune – This one reminds me of living in Shearwater, Nova Scotia as a small child and walking to school. Don’t ask me why…it just does.

Irish Boy (From the movie Kal) by Mark Knopfler – This brings me back to winter in Victoria in the mid-eighties. I listened to this album relentlessly along with Knopfler’s soundtrack for the movie Local Hero while bicycling and listening to my walkman.

Hungry Eyes by Sad Cafe – I hung out at Beaver Lake in Victoria with my girlfriend for an entire summer in the late 70’s. We used to listen to this song on my crappy car cassette player while heading to the lake in the late morning to secure a good spot for our blanket and cooler.

Feel free to add a few of your own music memories by clicking the Comments link below, adding the name of the song and the memories it conjures.


  1. Johnny Vintage, Pork Rind Inventor   •  

    I’LL BE DOG GONE….by Marvin Gaye

    I hum this tune when I see people walking by with a steak in hand:)

  2. Steve T   •  

    Is that Johhny’s brain?

  3. Johnny Vintage, Pork Rind Inventor   •  


    It’s T Bone Burnett’s!!

  4. Spiros Gramenos   •  

    I share your love of music and the roll it plays in our lives.

    As a child growing up in an isolated village in Uzbekistan all we had was
    Soviet tv.

    This piece brings back happy memories.

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