The Old Days

On July 25 1994 I visited International PC on Main Street in Vancouver to purchase 4 one megabyte memory modules for my old 386 computer. I purchased lots of hardware for my various computers in the 1990’s including a very expensive tape backup drive, cases, CD drives, hard drives etc. and estimate I spent well over $10,000 on parts.

I came across the receipt above stuffed away in an old hardware manual and thought it may be interesting to those that only been using a personal computer in the last decade or so. Haven’t times changed.


  1. Jon   •  

    That’s awesome. I remember doing that exact same upgrade on a 386, going from 4 to 8 meg of RAM. Cost an arm and a leg. Now they give away 2 gig USB sticks at trade shows.

  2. Steve T   •  

    Very cool. My first machine was an Amiga with a massive 40 Meg hard drive. Price was around $3K for the unit. And the 300 baud modem was very neat back then…. pretty sleepy now.

    I see you had a cell phone then. Did it have wheels so you could take it with you?

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