Poor Party People

Asshole of the WeekOur coveted Asshole of the Week award goes to the Kerrisdale couple that lost their appeal of a $2,800 fine for violating Vancouver’s noise bylaw during a 50th birthday party.

These two high-flyers were charged by police after their $100,000 birthday party (yes…that’s ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!) was busted for noise after the celebration went long into the night and kept the neighbours awake. One neighbour said his children were begging him to do something and one child, with a terminal illness, said it was a couple of days before he ‘recovered’ from the noise. Uh…right. It sounds like the usual crap from whining neighbours that didn’t receive an invitation to the soiree and don’t have parties of their own. Don’t get me wrong…I feel for the neighbours having to put up with the noise but it’s only for one night and the couple that threw the bash even offered the neighbours free hotel rooms at the Wedgewood Hotel with breakfast and a gift certificate for dinner. Not bad huh?

So why do these two get the Asshole of the Week award you ask? Because they appealed the $2,800 fine saying is was ‘unreasonably high’. This from a couple that have the resources to blow $100,000 for a house party which is more than most of us make in a year. That, if you ask me, is the very definition of asshole.

And if you’re wondering, the appeal judge sided with the neighbours so the couple had to pay the fine. I’m guessing they probably paid cash.

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