The $20,000 Bonehead

Leon LuLeon Lu forgot his backpack containing $20,000 cash at the Vancouver Airport and was lucky enough to have it returned by an honest citizen. This clown was visiting his parents in China and was given $20,000 in cash, 200 crisp Canadian $100 bills, to pay for his school and living costs, placed it in his backpack and promptly left it on a seat at YVR. It’s funny but I don’t remember my parents ever giving me $20,000 in cash and letting me carry it around in my backpack.

So I have two questions for Mr. Lu:
1) What’s wrong with a cheque? Some people will kill you for a pack of cigarettes so a bundle of $100 bills might be too much to resist. In future may I suggest a cheque, a bankdraft or even PayPal but don’t carry that much cash around in your backpack ya putz!
2) Why would any sane parent give a 19 year old moron $20,000 in cash? This must be a weird cultural thing because I can’t think of one parent that would consider giving ANY 19 year old that much money and not expect it to be spent on booze and hookers. This is not necessarily a North American cultural phenomenon so you’ve been warned.

I can tell Mr. Lu learned his lesson because he proudly proclaimed, after having the money returned by the Richmond RCMP, that he hadn’t deposited the money in his bank account “…but I’m going today”. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! How can your massive brain live inside such a tiny head Mr. Lu?
The stranger that turned in his backpack without ripping him off didn’t leave a name so he/she remains anonymous but Leon was quoted as saying “I want to say thanks from the deepest part of my heart.” Let’s hope he’s not studying to be a cardiologist.

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