Still a moron

Bumper Sticker Before I post my comments to this blog I usually create an image, humorous or otherwise, that accurately reflects the gist of my latest diatribe. This wasn’t necessary when adding another comment regarding Parks Board Commissioner Constance Barnes as my past blog entry image sums this post up quite nicely.

Her latest idiocy involves her stint in the Orchard Recovery and Treatment Centre on Bowen Island for alcoholism and her $3,000 interest free loan from city taxpayers to help pay for it. She decided that staying at the centre at a cost of $18,000 was the only way to solve her current problems and sort herself out. Rubbish! As the child of an alcoholic I don’t prescribe to the notion that alcoholism is a ‘disease’ and consider it an addiction and a lifestyle choice and the some of these rehab centres are only for those that have the means to afford the inflated costs. If Ms. Barnes wants to kick the habit I suggest she suck it up and simply avoid alcohol. Hey Barnes…Don’t drink booze. Stop pouring drinks into a glass and consuming them. Stay out of bars. Don’t go in the liquor store. Get it?

She appears to have lived a spoiled and comfortable life as the child of late MLA Emery Barnes (and was responsible for his bankruptcy due to a lawsuit by the parents of a 17 year old woman who was a passenger in her car during another drunk driving incident. Her passenger is now confined to a wheelchair.) and probably has little to complain about other than her brushes with the law when she abuses alcohol. She earlier maintained that she paid for the entire treatment herself however that’s obviously not the case as it was revealed that her family loaned her the funds to pay the balance. Vancouver Parks Board vice-chair Loretta Woodcock says she agrees with any measures to rehabilitate Barnes. “The public are being served and they’ve elected somebody to serve. So in order for that person to perform their duty, we want to facilitate that” said Woodcock. Uh…right. Why are these bureaucratic morons always so loose with the money when it’s not their own? Hey Ms. Woodcock…if you care so much why don’t you pay for it yourself??

Meanwhile Barnes has taken a leave from her position as operations manager for Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden (say WHAT??) to receive ‘treatment’ and it’s unclear if she will return. Let’s hope she doesn’t for the sake of the classical chinese garden.


  1. Luke   •  

    It’s a shame that your being a child of an alcoholic made you resentful and ignorantly judgmental of the issue. It would have been better if you actually did some research so you could understand whatever it is that happened to you made you so angry. Alcoholism and addiction are brain diseases; I recommend the “60 Minutes” piece where Dr. Nora Volkow is interviewed (“Hooked: Why bad habits are hard to break”).

    Please research subjects before discussing them with a holier-than-thou attitude.

    • R&O   •     Author

      And it’s a shame that you know little or nothing about alcoholism or addiction. Come back when you have some experience and tell me all about it. And Constance Barnes is still a moron.

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