Another tragedy

Jaycee LeeAnother disturbing child abduction story comes from the outskirts of San Francisco, California yesterday. Eleven year old Jaycee Lee Dugard was abducted on June 10, 1991 while on her way to a bus stop and has been missing for 18 years. Her stepfather witnessed the abduction and even chased the vehicle for a short time on a mountain bike and frantically alerted the neighbours to call 911 when it was obvious he could not catch up. He was subsequently under suspicion for her disappearance which led to the destruction of his marriage to Jaycee’s mother. This is tragic enough but Jaycee appeared at a police station in Antioch, California yesterday and it was discovered that she had been abducted by the scumbag husband and wife team of Nancy and Phillip Garrido and kept in a small 6ft high structure in the Garrido’s backyard for 18 years where she bore two children by Mr. Garrido (two girls now 11 and 15 years old). The children did not attend school and were born in the shack without the assistance of medical personnel. The Garrido’s passed the children off as their own but kept them in the shack with their mother for their entire lives.
garridosAs if this story isn’t disturbing enough, Mr. Garrido is a convicted rapist and spent 8 years in a federal prison although he was originally sentenced to 50 years but was paroled for some unknown reason. They abducted Jaycee, kept her caged in their backyard but Mr. Garrido violated his parole and returned to prison for 8 months and his scumbag wife kept the child prisoner until he returned to continue the rape, torture and abuse. It’s interesting that Mr. Garrido considers himself an extremely religious man and even maintained a blog until he was finally caught (the blog may disappear soon so have a look while it’s still available and be sure to read the comments now that he has been identified). This guy is obviously completely and totally insane but he managed to offer local businesses a business card and flyer printing service and even used Jaycee to do the work which she produced on a computer in her small home in the backyard. Have a look at the Google Earth satellite view of this scumbag’s backyard to see how he managed to hide his disgusting activites from his neighbours and even his parole officer who visited his home from time to time. You can see the small structure behind a row of trees in his backyard and a variety of blue tarps and tents littering the area which is out of sight for all except those that know it exists.
My question is ‘Why waste money pushing these disgusting scumbags through the legal system and not just execute them today?’. A harsh statement but do you think there’s any chance of rehabilitation for these two? Do you think they will ever contribute anything other than pain and suffering to Jaycee and her children and now to her real parents? No. They will languish in prison until their deaths costing the taxpayers money for food, clothing, medical and dental care etc. Which I find almost as disgusting as their crimes.

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