End of the line?

Evergreen Line GarbageWoohoo! It looks like the awful truth is finally sinking in and Port Moody City Council has accepted the fact that the much ballyhooed Evergreen Line may not materialize as promised. Council is considering restricting growth along the proposed line fearing the light rail won’t be built for quite some time. Mayor Trasolini was quoted in The Vancouver Sun today saying “The OCP has to reflect the fact that we can’t keep growing. The population in the last 15 years has doubled…we’re being criticized for growing too much without infrastructure in place.” Well DUH! I’ve been saying that since all the new building started along Murray…Suter Brook, Klahanie etc. We still have only two ways in or out of our city and there’s far too many people living in our small town and our limited roads can’t support them all.

It still amazes me that all this was done with the PROMISE of a light rapid line and Port Moody has grown based on a pipe dream. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to wait until the line was built and functioning before extending building permits for all the new construction projects that have taken place in the last five years? Restaurant and store ineups have grown, we’re fighting traffic along Moody and St. Johns streets and all the buildings are not even completely occupied yet! Wait until everyone moves in and then the real fun will begin.

It’s good to see council finally wake up to the fact that the Evergreen Line may not be built within the next 10-20 years and we need to stop building NOW. Although I could have told them that five years ago.

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  1. Johnny Vintage   •  

    I’m glad it’s gone hopefully too but unfortunatley, the damage has already been done. Maybe now they can concentrate on fixing getting in and outta’ here instead of cramming as many people as possible into the smallest spaces they can.

    What a mess they have made!!

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