Jeremy Pete and Bethany Granholm

Asshole of the WeekRemember über parents Jeremy Pete and Bethany Granholm who attempted to sell their week-old baby on Craigslist last year? They claimed that it was all just a ‘sick joke’ and Bethany even proclaimed young Jeremy a “bit of a dick” (isn’t young love wonderful?). Well these two wankers are at it again. And they got caught…again.

JeremyBethanyThis time our intrepid young couple were quite busy with a prosperous new credit-card theft business. The Winnipeg police say they were involved with a group of scammers who used stolen and forged cards to rack up about $80,000 in charges. In total, seven people have been charged in the theft following the purchases of jewellery, electronics, limousine trips and airline tickets.

These kids really know how to live, huh? Well not really because now they’re facing numerous charges for their thefts and spending spree. After being caught trying to sell their newborn on Craigslist, they claimed they had made mistakes in the past but they had since cleaned up their act and were on the road to becoming good, solid, contributing members of society. Yeah, right. These two appear to be unrepentant and deserve to share the coveted Asshole Of The Week award.

Oh, and by the way, Jeremy and his brother Gregg were arrested in 2006 after a police chase that killed Vancouver police dog Nitro in New Westminster. The eight-year-old German shepherd fell under the wheels of a moving freight train.


  1. Bethany Granholm   •  

    Wow what a well written article, where you quoted old stories and slammed the character of people who you don’t even know.
    You obviously don’t know the whole story, which is what you get for relying on local newspapers for information. The craigslist ad WAS a joke, and the current arrest of certain people has nothing to do with me or my children. Get a clue. The only bottom feeders here are people who use false information to sell a story.

    • admin   •     Author

      If the recent events referred to in this blog are any different than what was reported in newspapers, on television and on numerous other web sites, please post the information here by adding another comment and we will ensure it is published here in its entirety.

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