Disgusting Derelict Dad

hellThe world has gone completely insane and this one proves it. The Abbotsford father that left his two small children in his vehicle while he drank in the Fat Pig Saloon at this summer’s Abbotsford Agrifair has been let off the hook. Yes, that’s right…he’s not going to be punished for this…at all…ever. It’s mind boggling to say the least but it all boils down to proving how long the children were suffering in the vehicle.

Abbotsford Police Department information officer Const. Ian MacDonald advised “As a result of this investigation and through consultation with Crown Counsel, the Abbotsford Police Deparrtment will not be recommending charges against any person involved in this incident. I emphasize (the charge) has to be based on a solid timeline, so we couldn’t go forward. We could not include in our report a definitive time. We couldn’t say five minutes. We couldn’t say 50 minutes because we don’t know. And we didn’t have any witnesses who could tell us.”

The Abbotsford Police Department would obviously like to see this guy in jail as much as the rest of us but what does this say about our laws? Why can’t a parent be charged with abuse for leaving a four month old and two year old in a hot car for any more than 1-2 minutes? Would most parents be this stupid? Would most parents leave their children unattended ANYWHERE for more than 10 seconds? Probably not. Why can’t we punish this clown for doing much worse? Here’s hoping there’s a special place in hell reserved just for him and other parents like him.

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