Is it me or…?

Newspapers with SkullUpon flipping through the first section of today’s Province newspaper:

  • Cover – Unrepentant Killers Set To Go Free – Release of Jeremy Coles and Tyler Neudorf called ‘a slap in the face of the victims’
  • Page A3 – Remorseless killers about to walk free – ‘Shows the failure of our justice system
  • Page A3 – Mentally unstable murderer on the loose – A dangerous, mentally unstable killer has disappeared from a Port Coquitlam psychiatric institution
  • Page A4 – Criminal charges quashed against alleged polygamists – Judge rules attorney-general had no jurisdiction to appoint special porsecutor to Bountiful case
  • Page A12 – Shooting victim refuses to talk – A man who was shot by police during a traffic stop in Chemainus is refusing to speak with them
  • Page A12 – Family sues city over police shooting – Homeless man killed on Vancouver Street
  • Page A14 – Body found in burning car – Homicide investigators probe third such case in two months
  • Page A19 – Crash victim dies – An 83-year-old man has died after he was struck Sept. 17 while he was waiting at a bus stop in Surrey

Is it just me or have things changed since I was a kid?

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