She baaaack!

No Constance
Well it looks like Constance Barnes is back to work at The Vancouver Parks Board despite pleading guilty to drunk-driving and dangerous-driving charges. Yes folks, you too can drive you car into a house with a blood alcohol level of 0.210 and still retain your cushy city job on the Parks Board. You can even have a history of drunk driving that put one person in a wheelchair for life and resulted in a father’s bankruptcy due to the resulting lawsuit. Life is good for Ms. Barnes isn’t it?

During her court appearance on Thursday Barnes apologized to homeowner Lim Lee and his family who live in the house struck by her car. The victim however is still having ‘nightmares’ about seeing her car veering toward his front door. I’m still having nightmares so I can only imagine how he feels. Barnes was fined $1,000 for driving over the limit and $750 for dangerous driving. She also received a one-year driving ban (not long enough in my opinion!).

Vision Vancouver co-chairwoman Carolyn Askew was asked if Barnes should remain as parks commissioner and she replied “Absolutely. We support Constance. She’s taken full responsibility for her actions.” That may be true but she has a history of driving under the influence and I’m not convinced she won’t do it again. Once is more than enough…twice is just stupid and irresponsible. I’m also not convinced Ms. Barnes should be the Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner as she’s obviously not capable of dealing with her own affairs much less the City Of Vancouver’s needs. At least Gordon Campbell, Tim Stevenson and a few other politicians learned their lesson and avoided their past mistakes. May I suggest we all install crash guards around our homes until they finally take away her driver’s license?

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