The Death of Moe

Movember is over and so rings the death knell of Moe, the moustache that took up residence under my nose for the month of November. Moe was conceived to support the Prostate Cancer Canada fund raising event that’s turning into a global phenomenon, prompting politicians, celebrities and men from every walk of life to let the lip hair spring eternal and sport a cheesy face fender.

The world witnessed a variety of mo’s from large and unsightly to small and unsightly. I even came across nests of participating employees in Costco, Thrifty Foods, the liquor store and other places where manly men congregate and grow gnarly facial hair. This year’s Movember event was significantly more popular than past years with Canada beating all participating countries (even Australia, the originator of Movember) for total donations even though we had fewer national participants. Which proves unequivocally that Canada Rocks! Here’s the numbers as of December 1 at 9am:

Canada with 118,630 participants raised $19,169,908
Australia with 129,679 participants raised $18,346,985
United Kingdom with 111,528 participants raised $11,759,935
United States with 64,700 participants raised $6,269,078
Ireland with 12,695 participants raised $1,412,066
New Zealand with 9,478 participants raised $576,014

And thanks again to all those that took the time to contribute.

My prostate would have been proud.

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