Great (Canadian!) Folk-Pop Music

While making my way to work the other morning I happened to hear acoustic soul singer and musician Reid Jamieson singing one of his original tunes on the radio. He was performing on CBC Radio’s Early Edition Open House and Food Band Day and I was exceedingly impressed with his voice and music. I’m embarrassed to say I’d never heard of Mr. Jamieson or his music until that morning but upon arriving at work immediately looked up his web site and listened to a number of original and cover songs, some available for free download. Talented and generous…he must be Canadian.

I’ve made a point to buy his new album Staring Contest from CDBaby (I don’t buy music from iTunes…that’s another rant for another day) and stuck it on my iPhone for my walking/gym/commuting enjoyment. Do yourself a favour and listen to a few of his cover and original songs on his web site or on the CBC web site. I’ve also provided a SoundCloud player here for you to listen to some of his work. Enjoy.

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