Bandaid ManIt’s been 4 weeks since my surgery and my body is healing merrily as I grit my teeth and endure daytime TV and cabin fever. I’m still unable to sit for an extended period of time and driving is out of the question so I spend most of my time lying on the couch or bed and doing whatever I can to keep myself entertained.

It seems like years since I was originally diagnosed but the last 4 weeks have flown by at an incredible speed as I sit in my home and watch the world go by from the living room window. I’ve gone for a few short (very short) walks but I live in a very hilly neighbourhood and it can be a tad challenging to scale the small hills that have become mountains. I feel slow, old and vulnerable as I make my way around the house, up and down the stairs and from a supine position on the bed to a supine position on the couch. Is this what it’s like to be 92 years old?

I’ve had some time to think about how lucky I was to be diagnosed at an early stage and how quickly everything came together to get me into the hospital and out again. For that I’m exceedingly grateful to the doctors, technicians and caregivers that took care of me and ensured I have a bit more time on earth before cashing in my chips. Thanks so much to you all. I also owe a great deal of thanks to my lovely wife Sharon who held my hand, took care of me and made me feel so much better when I felt anything but.

So for now I’ll sit at home and look forward to things returning to normal and leave the worrying and fear behind as I begin my post-cancer life. My body still hurts but I feel good about having a second chance at life. Very, very good.

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