1988 Port Moody

Have a look at this 1988 video of a drive along Ioco to St. Johns. The video is over 7 minutes but provides a fantastic look at Port Moody 22 years ago as ‘classic’ rock music plays on the car radio. Thanks to Jon at thev3h.com for making me aware of this video.

And here’s an updated side-by-side version of the video:


  1. James   •  

    That’s pretty cool. We actually moved to April Road in 1982. It’s nice to see Ioco Road has pretty much stayed the same but WOW, what a difference around the New Port area. All those towers now with pretty much the same road system as 1988.

    I saw three things on the vid that brought back some nice memories. My band TANK used to play at the Porty Moody Inn on rotation and then it was off to Dino’s after the gig for pizza. There was a rock club in the basement.

    Dino’s was the best. I’m not even sure what the restaurant in that location now is. Fish Grill or some horrible thing!!!

    Check out the price of gas at the Chevron, .45 cents. That would be nice again.

    I remember my first ride was a 1968 Honda 175cc motorcycle. Gas was 35 cents a gallon, yes a gallon. I could fill my bike for under a dollar and ride all week. Beer was $1.75 for a case of 12 Lucky Lagers and a glass of beer at the Cariboo was 20 cents. Plus they had those nice terry towel orange tablecloths.

    Back then you could actually buy a round. $5.00 filled the little round tables with 25 beers. Now $5.00 might getcha’ 1. Someone usually did that at last call. Then we’d all jump on our bikes and head home.

    Crazy but some good times for sure!!!

  2. Jon   •  

    It is a pretty cool video, thanks for passing it on. Hopefully it will jog more people to get into their crawl spaces and find more bits of our visual past.

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