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NewsA few notes on the news over the last few days:

– Liberal Olympic Tickets: These clowns make it too easy for me by presenting another pathetic example of how the Winter Olympics is nothing more than a cash grab by politicians and select business owners. A few of the brightest bulbs within our elected Liberal government decided to allocate approximately one million taxpayer dollars to purchase Olympic event tickets to be used by Liberal MLA’s and Cabinet ministers. How galling is it that we’re forced to pay for this fiasco ONCE then pay again to purchase tickets for the very idiots that got us into this financial mess.

Minister of State for the Olympics, Mary McNeil, responded to media questions regarding the cash payout by assuring “None on these tickets will be used by MLA’s or ministers unless they are asked to be part of the official hosting business for this province.” Utter crap Mary. This will be abused from day one. You know it and the greedy bastards that will be taking advantage of the free ticket program know it.

This was another opportunity for the shockingly inept Carole James and Jenny Kwan to point the much sullied NDP finger at the Liberals and scream about taxpayer dollars abuse, which is almost laughable when we review their past record under Glen Clark.
Which all proves that there are no limits to which the Liberals will go to fleece the taxpayers while riding the unlimited gravy train to retirement. Disgusting to say the least.

Burnaby churchgoer accused of Ponzi scheme: Sun Wong Kim used his connections at the Korean Christian Foursquare Gospel Church to scam over 200 victims of $30 million using an investment Ponzi scheme through his futures trading company, Cirplus Futures. He’s presently cooling his heels in a Korean jail after being arrested on fraud charges related to the scheme.

Vancouver Korean-Canadian accountant Jin Lee warned a client not to invest in the scheme but was ignored and the client may have lost up to $500,000. The interesting point the Lee made was that the situation created “a bad name for Canada”. What’s Canada got to do with this Mr. Lee? A greedy Korean victimized other greedy Koreans using a classic Ponzi scheme which promised absurd and unrealistic returns on their investments. Why does this reflect poorly on Canada? Is it because our lax immigration laws allowed this criminal to do business in our country and steal money from other immigrants? Don’t blame Canada for this one. I suggest you look to Mr. Kim for answers and leave Canada out of this.

Insite lauded by Vancouver beat cops: The Vancouver Police Union conducted a survey in June of 2008, questioning Vancouver Police patrol officers about Vancouver’s safe-injection site on Hastings Street. Of 86 respondents, 59 per cent ‘strongly opposed the site and consider it to be contributing to the deterioration of the east side neighbourhood.

“The claims about Insite reducing crime and disorder have been, in the opinion of the police officers I represent, very much exaggerated” said Tom Stamatakis, president of The Vancouver Police Union. Of 170 front-line officers that were sent the survey, 86 responded and the majority concluded that Insite may be contributing to the problems on Vancouver’s east side rather than helping to reduce the drug abuse and resulting crime.

Giving junkies a warm and cuddly place to inject illegal drugs is no different than offering alcoholics a cozy bar to sit and get stinking drunk. How does enabling addicted drug abusers to buy and use illegal drugs help them with their problem? The Police Union survey supports my thoughts on the Insite plan and the sooner they shut it down the sooner some of their addicted clients may seek real help rather than support for their disabling habits.

How not to get drunk: A thief in Sannich on Vancouver Island forced his way into the Hillside liquor store, consumed a 13-ounce bottle of Vodka, a 13-ounce bottle of Scotch and a few bottles of cider then vomited all over the floor. He was arrested a few minutes later and told police his name was “Jackass” and “McLovin” (a character played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse in the movie Superbad). McLovin is expected to face break-and-enter charges and a nasty hangover. Wouldn’t this guy make a great guest at your next cocktail party?

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