Torching Olympic Money

SkatersIn another blatant waste of our tax dollars, the Olympic boneheads in charge of medical services during the games are hosting 48 doctors for a two day training exercise in Vancouver. Jenn and Joe reported that animal tracheas were shipped to Vancouver for doctors use during surgical technique demonstrations. This latest waste of money and resources is disgusting on so many levels. It’s ironic that the event is taking place in a province suffering from a critical shortage of doctors. But that’s another rant.

According to

“We’ll have a video from Vancouver 2010 showing a scene of the track and a sled coming down,” said Dr. Julia Alleyne, Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine course director. “At the point of the crash, the video stops and the curtains open on the dramatization.” The exercise uses actors who have been trained to play the roles of the injured.
Injuries will include blocked airways, a heart attack, two athletes trapped in a bobsled with spinal injuries and a course official with ice burns. There will even be someone impersonating a journalist there for doctors to deal with. The course will end with a live triage exercise.

Curtains? Actors? Someone impersonating a journalist?? WTF??? Have the persons responsible for spending our hard earned tax dollars gone completely insane? Wouldn’t these injuries be standard procedure for any qualified emergency room doctor? Why do we need to pull 48 doctors away from their practices for 2 days to play silly games conceived by dim witted bureaucrats intent on spending every last dime allocated by other dim witted bureaucrats? No wonder I cringe every time I hear the words 2010 Olympics.

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