O Canada, I Love You.

Being Canadian is fantastic. We enjoy all the perks of being American without actually having to be American. Things like great food, great scenery, a stable government and a quality caffe latte on every street corner all contribute to our bliss and well being here in the glorious north. To put it simply, life in Canada is very, very good.

But how do we tell America and the rest of the world just how great we are and how fantastic our country is without sounding like, dare I say, an American? To be quintessentially Canadian and not sound like we’re bragging, we let others do it for us. So, to that end, news anchor Tom Brokaw explained Canada to America in a short film that was aired on NBC shortly before the 2010 Winter Games opening ceremonies.

I can honestly say I’ve been very proud to be a born and raised Canadian during these recent Olympic games and have enjoyed the patriotic flag waving and anthem singing with the rest of my fellow Canadians, but Mr. Brokaw’s video reinforces why we’re just so damn great here in the world’s best country. And to our American friends, ignore people like Anne Coulter and Tucker Carlson and visit us to see why Canada is such a fantastic place. You may even wish you were Canadian yourself.

O Canada! My home and native land. I really do love you like no other.

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