Paper Tiger

Tiger Woods’ recent shallow, rehearsed and ridiculous apology was the low point of a career in decline. Are we really expected to believe that his 13 1/2 minute speech atones for his recent fun and frolics and his wife is willing to forgive a guy that had more sex in the last few years than most men will get in their entire lives? His little chit-chat amongst an invited group of friends and business associates was clearly created to get the word out to his fans and sponsors that he’s oh so sorry and he’ll try not to do it again. Well at least until he finds himself in a hotel room with a hooker, stripper or cocktail waitress (or any combination of the three) that is.

This guy is a golfer. That’s it…he plays golf for a living. He’s a pretty good golfer from what I’ve heard (I don’t play or watch the sport) but I’m still wondering who really gives a rat’s ass that he’s sorry for sleeping around on his wife. Would this guy have got to first base with any of the women he bedded or even come close to marrying a Swedish bikini model if he wasn’t worth a load of dough and had his own private jet? Probably not. So he’s rich and famous and was too much of a weenie to remain committed to his wife and family. He’s a loser. Why do we care? And who cares about his goofy broadcast on TV that preempted regular programming just to give the idiot a forum to read his lame speech and try to recapture lost fans and revenue? If it’s you, click the play button below to hear Tiger sputter his way through his apology but you may want to keep a plastic bucket handy.

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I’ve added a slight embellishment at the beginning and end of this audio

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  1. Lorenzo Bumgardener   •  

    What’s with the plastic bucket? I found my old galvanized pail worked just fine in this case.

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