A GG with no heart

Michaelle JeanOur very own Governor General Michaelle Jean ate a slice of the heart of a newly slaughtered seal during a visit to Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. This proves two things to me: 1) Michaelle Jean is an insensitive bitch and 2) We don’t need this idiot pulling a stunt in the name of her support for Inuit seal hunters.

You can probably guess that I don’t support the seal hunt and think this occupation should have disappeared with lamplighters and draymen. Does anyone really need to buy a coat made from the skins of dead seals with all the advancements in synthetic fur? And does the Queen’s representative need to support such a draconian tradition by eating the heart of an innocent animal? Disgusting to say the least. May I suggest she kill her pet upon returning home and eat its heart? That may help her realize most people’s revulsion with her performance in Nunavut. The position of Governor General is a waste of taxpayers money to begin with and Michaelle Jean drives that point home every time she does something like this.

Click HERE to view video (warning: graphic content).


  1. poyndexter   •  

    Ouch! That’s very strong language, and misogynist to boot. Are you a vegetarian?
    Any comments on this curent sea otter slaughter dustup?

  2. hubert   •  

    What’s wrong with lamplighters? By the way, they have not disappeared. What’s a drayman?

  3. Popular Mechanic   •  

    There is an interesting editorial on this topic in today’s Globe and Mail (May 29 2009)

    By the way, the link you provide to the video does not take you there.

    • admin   •     Author

      The link works for me.

  4. bob mcmuirhead   •  

    To gain a better understanding of this complex issue you might want to read the excellent article by Stephen Hume in the Vancouver Sun May 29 2009.

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