Olympic Piggies

So you pitched your digital tent and waited patiently online to purchase the best Winter Olympics tickets you could find and afford. You’re happy with your nosebleed seats for which you paid dearly but you must ask yourself Who got all the premium tickets?. You’ll be happy to know that’s it’s your own government that scooped most of them and they did it with your money. Happy now?

Public sectors that have purchased the very best tickets available include the federal government ($447,000), B.C. Hydro ($616,000), ICBC ($405,000), B.C. Lotteries ($396,000), The City Of Vancouver ($340,000), The City of Richmond ($200,000), and the City of Whistler ($37,000). But the big spender is our very own Campbell government which has dropped a total of $940,680 on 3,244 tickets for top-quality seats and private suites which include washrooms, booze and full troughs of overpriced food.

It’s typical that taxpayer money is once again being spent on the upcoming party for the benefit of a select group of politicians, business people and celebrities while the rest of us struggle with the myriad of restrictions, closed roads and other crap while we attempt to live our lives in an Olympic host city. But for our own government to rub our noses in it by buying the premium seats right out from under us is beyond insulting. Who do these idiots think they are and what gives them the right to enjoy this money-sucking wound we call the Olympics on our dime?

If you ask Olympics Minister Mary McNeil she maintains that the government will use their coveted premium tickets to wine and dine potential B.C. investors. “We are going to focus on business leaders, investors from around the world”. she said. Hey Mary…we don’t give a rat’s ass about your little club of business leaders and investors. We care that you’re spending our money on something that may or may not pay off rather than purchasing new MRI machines for public hospitals, reducing our ridiculous tax load or anything else for the public good. You do remember the PUBLIC, don’t you?? Ya know, the ones that pay your inflated salaries? Another sad part of the Olympics fiasco we’ll be paying for some time to come.

And as a side note, the Olympics is no longer a smoke-free event. Organizers have buckled and are now allowing Olympic participants to enjoy a smoke while they take part in these global sporting competitions. Say WHAT? Doesn’t that fly in the face of what Olympic competition is all about? Why don’t we just ask Ben Johnson to set up his own steroids booth and call it a day. Good God, I’ll be glad when this is over and we can get back to dealing with the regular governmental stupidity we’re all used to.


  1. Steve T   •  

    No Shit. We are getting raped over this. Teachers getting layoffs, health care funding and yet, we can keep giving and giving to the Hole-ympics (money pit). A fu—ng disgace.

  2. Johnny Vintage, Pork Rind Inventor   •  

    You can smoke there. That’s it!! I’m going.

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