Tim Minchin

We stumbled across an amazing comic talent from Australia by the name of Tim Minchin. He has three concert DVDs available and corresponding audio CD’s for each, all of which are brilliant, hilarious and highly entertaining.

The ‘beat poem’ below is a good example of his wit but his skill on the piano is amazing (I’d like to hear his serious music if he ever gets around to recording something). I’ve also included Inflatable You for your viewing and listening pleasure which is the song he sang on the Graham Norton Show which is where we originally saw young Mr. Minchin perform. Be warned that’s he’s not politically correct, uses some very coarse language (yes, I’m talkin’ bout the C word here folks) and doesn’t believe in God. He’s not your average comedian (which is why I like him) and touches on cancer, religion, sex, drugs and other fun stuff. So, if you’re not adverse to a bit of adult humour, click the play button below and give him a listen.

I’m not sure if his DVDs are available in Canada but we found a few of his concerts via Bit Torrent so do what you have to but make sure you give this guy a watch and listen. Aside from his concert DVDs that’s also an Australian documentary about his rise to fame called ‘Rock and Roll Nerd – The Tim Minchin Story‘ that makes for some interesting TV but I suggest you watch it after viewing his concert DVDs. He’s may be a slightly acquired taste but after you’re hooked, you’re HOOKED and you’ll want more. Enjoy.

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