Another Sappy Song

Pumpkin VomitSarah McLachlan’s latest song for the 2010 Olympics is, dare I say, another sappy and forgettable song for the opening ceremonies and any other sappy reference during the sappy event. Do these songs always have to suck? That said, does everything visual and aural about the games have to suck from the logos, uniforms and mascots. Everything I’ve seen so far has made me cringe especially the mascots. My theory is that the whole thing is being run by backwoods trailer dwellers with little or no taste and the rest of the world will probably agree when this thing gets off the ground.

Why couldn’t Sarah come up with something different, something cutting-edge, something that won’t make me fake a Swedish accent and refuse to admit I’m from Vancouver. She’s a talented woman and I’m sure she could have done much better than this sappy, predictable and forgettable song that will be played to death until we collectively go behind the barn and put a gun in our mouths. Wake me when the nightmare is over, will ya?
Listen to it HERE but please ensure you have a waxed paper bag handy before clicking the play button.


  1. oscar corlab weins   •  

    The reason Sarah would produce this crappy product is same reason behind the whole olympic project; easy money, and tons of it.

    • admin   •     Author

      Hallelujah brother.

  2. Sarah Fan   •  

    I think she’s a great singer, you just don’t like her because she’s Canadian. Boy what a grouch . . .

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