iPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

Finding quality iPhone apps is a bit tougher for us long suffering Canadians. The Americans won’t let us play with some of the choice offerings such as Google Voice (make free phone calls on your phone and avoid paying the greedy phone company) or the highly anticipated Ellen DeGeneres app. OK…well maybe the Ellen app is a bit of a stretch but don’t we all wonder what famous lesbians do all day?

There’s a few choice apps available amongst all the crap on iTunes that will make us forget all about what we can’t have, reduce our national inferiority complex and help us organize and sort our porn. So behold my following list of must-have iPhone applications…

Wolfram Alpha, the first Internet Computational Knowledge Engine invented by British physicist and brainiac Stephen Wolfram, allows you to compute nearly anything or find information about most things that puzzle and confound. Wondering how many yards between you and the surface of the sun? Curious about the contents of your Dairy Queen ice cream cone? Find the exact answers without wading through web sites by using your free Wolfram Alpha app. I could go on and on but the only real way to find out what this incredible app can do is to watch Mr. Wolfram’s explanatory video. Be prepared to be amazed.

Finding your car in a large mall parking lot during the Christmas shopping season may be daunting to some so Concierge Car Locator may be the app you’ve been waiting for. There a few car locating apps available in the App Store but this one is free and does the job exceedingly well offering a clean interface with all the info you need to find your lost car and make your way home in the snow. Do yourself a favor and download this app before your family has to call the local Search and Rescue to locate your sorry ass.

If you as much of a Podcast junkie as I am you’ll love Podcaster, the best iPhone app for subscribing to, downloading and listening or watching your favourite audio and video podcasts on your phone. It keeps track of what you’ve listened to and will start the podcast from the point you previously left off. I have to admit that this app can be a bit buggy at times but it’s the best way to enjoy aural and visual stimulation for under two bucks.

Once you’ve snapped a few photos on your iPhone, wouldn’t it be great if you could adjust the brightness, rotate or crop them before emailing or archiving? If the answer is yes, I suggest you stop daydreaming and download Adobe PhotoShop Express, another amazing free app made by the industry standard graphics software people.
This nifty app allows you to crop, straighten, rotate or flip images and also adjust exposure, saturation, tint and contrast. It even contains a number of spiffy effects and borders to spice up an otherwise dull photo. Not that you’re capable of taking such a photo of course.

Have you ever wanted to access or copy files from your home or work computer but don’t feel like getting off your ass to do it? I have and, after a relentless search found NetPortal which allows you to roam your various network computers from your iPhone all without raising your butt cheeks from the couch. Ya gotta love it.

Switch between computers with a finger tap and play or view files directly without copying them to your iPhone. This is a nice way to play your new MP3 file downloads from your PC, Mac or NAS device on your iPhone without having to deal with iTunes, the mother of all bloated, shitty and frustrating software presently available in the known universe. It’s a stable and exceedingly simple app that I consider a must-have utility for my iPhone. And to top it all off, it’s also available for the iPad.

I’ve told so many people about iFitness, the amazing fitness exercise database and workout tracker, that I should be getting a commission cheque in the mail any day now. If you run, walk, lift weights or just want to impress chicks, get iFitness. This little app offers a wide variety of exercises and routines (complete with videos to ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly) to help you get the best results from your time in the gym.
Track your routines, see how your weight fluctuates wildly before and after the holiday season and even email the results directly from the app to yourself or someone you’re trying to impress. This app has it all and has obviously been designed by people that spent time in the gym which makes it absolutely mandatory for anyone that’s serious about exercise.

Evernote allows you to save text, pictures, audio and practically anything else that’s available on your iPhone, organize it all and sync it all with your home or work computer (using the free application available for download from the Evernote web site). It even works in conjunction with a number of other iPhone apps to let you organize your life and all the crap you collect while living it within a small application on your smart phone. Could it get any better than this?

Take a look at the Evernote YouTube video to get the full story and make you understand just how cluttered and messed up you are now and how organized you’ll be after you start using Evernote. Good luck with that.

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