The Internet in 1994

The InternetBack in the early 90’s my brother and I started a small business we called The Net Brothers. We offered software installation, configuration and tutorials to help businesses and a few home users access the Internet. It was a tricky business back then and most people that wanted to access the Internet had problems finding software, configuring their dial-up modems and a variety of other technical issues that have since all but disappeared. Things have changed significantly since those early days and the Internet is now accessible by practically everyone, replacing many of the services and products we used and supported back then.

There were very few consultants at the beginning of the 90’s Internet wave and someone from The Bill Good Show heard me on CBC radio discussing this new computer network and asked me to appear on the show and discuss this new, evolving technology. Those were the days of ViolaWWW, Pine, Gopher, Archie, Jughead, Mosaic and a lack of functional web based search engines. Listening to that 1994 broadcast just 15 years later makes me appreciate how fast the technology has advanced and how mainstream the Internet became in such a short period of time.
Listen to the original broadcast by clicking the play button above then compare the questions and comments back then to today’s Internet savvy users. Fascinating stuff.

I’ll be posting a few of my old CBC Radio ‘Almanac’ show appearances in the coming days which are also about the Internet during the early and mid 90’s.

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