Our unlimited supply of idiots

Stanley Park MatchIt appears there’s a serial arsonist trying to burn down Stanley Park and has tried four time to reduce Vancouver’s jewel to an ashtray. What kind of moronic imbecile would actually take the time out of his/her day to destroy a public park and watch while others risk their lives to put out the fire? I’m guessing they’ll catch this clown soon and lock him/her away for a year or two.
But wait…there’s more! It also appears that tourists visiting Vancouver are also guilty of flicking cigarette butts around the park with no thought of the possible repercussions. Is fire different in other parts of the world? Do trees not burn in the U.S. the same as they do in Canada? Don’t cigarettes start fires if they’re flicked into dry brush or grass in Europe? What the hell is wrong with these people?!? There’s a whole new level of stupid going on out there folks and it scares me to think some of these people drive cars, own guns or have children.
The Vancouver Police have increased mounted patrols of the park but it only takes one match or cigarette to burn the whole thing to the ground. If it happens and they find the culprit I suggest a public flogging would be in order.

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