The Evil HST

CampbellSo our fearless leader has announced that B.C. will be adopting the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) next year which will apply tax to items previously enjoyed as exempt. Gee…whatta suprise. Since when have any politicians actually honoured their election promises and not felt the need to dip into our pockets when things got a tad rough? We’re slowly pulling ourselves out of a recession so our government has decided to kick us while we’re down and charge more for less. Even our favourite wing picker Bill Vander Zalm is crying foul against this latest indignity and stepping up to protest. He was quoted in regards to the announcement timing as “…not a bad political move to do it this way, be we best be aware that it is a political move and we best act now”.
If there’s someone that know about ‘political moves’ it’s Vander Zalm and I’ll always think he has his own agenda (though he denies it) but at least someone is raising hell and letting Campbell know that the majority of voters don’t like it and are sick of having our pockets picked on a regular basis. It will be interesting to see how this works itself out as the Liberals have said that it’s a given and nothing will change their minds but politicians have this uncanny ability to change course mid-stream when they think their paycheques may be in jeopardy. I suggest we turf the lot of them if they push this thing through.

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