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Jill from Chelco Farms Rescue recently reminded me about the case of David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham, two people that give new meaning to the word scumbag. These miscreants allowed a 27-year-old Appaloosa gelding named Jalupae to starve then tied its neck to the bucket of an excavator, raising it so the horse was off the ground. It died from strangulation. Try to imagine that event for a moment. Try to imagine the pain and suffering these two bastards inflicted on that innocent animal and for no other reason than they couldn’t be bothered to take care of it.

Then imagine the outrage if they had done this to a human being. How long would it have taken for both to be thrown in prison and enjoy the much deserved attentions of their cell mates? Not long. So what exactly is the difference here? A horse is a gentle, living thing and feels the pain of starvation and asphyxiation no differently than any other living thing. Some would argue that animals don’t feel the same as a human. Bullshit! Anyone with a pet can attest to the fact that animals feel the same way we do and some, like my dog, are even more sensitive than your average human being. That’s why I suggest we throw these two scumbags in prison, butt-side up.

According to The Province web site:

The case is the worst SPCA investigators have seen in recent memory, said animal protection officer Erika Paul, noting it doesn’t involve neglect, lack of knowledge or finances.
“This is right at the other end of the spectrum,” said Paul. “How somebody does this is beyond my comprehension.”
Lynsay Bailey, the SPCA officer who investigated the case, said it’s difficult to understand why someone would allow an animal to die in that way. “We deal with horrific animal cruelty every day in our work but this case is particularly heinous.”

Whiffin received the horse from North Cowichan, B.C., resident Al Mercer who gave Jalupae to him a year ago: “He was looking for a small horse for his kids to ride,” said Mercer. So much for that. He proceeded to starve the poor animal to near death and then summarily executed it.

Neither man was present for their first appearance in Victoria provincial court on November 30. Defence lawyer Don McKay, who is representing Whiffin, asked for an adjournment until Jan. 4 and I’m sure the 60 or more demonstrators that showed up will be back to ensure justice is served. Clayton Cunningham is charged with causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal and failing to provide the necessities for an animal. David Whiffin is charged with killing or injuring cattle, causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal and failing to provide the necessities for an animal which is punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and 5 years in jail. Not enough as far as I’m concerned.

If I had the power to serve sentence on these idiots they would never see the light of day again. But then again, perhaps starvation and hanging might do the trick. A nice thought but it won’t bring Jalupae back.

Join the Facebook group to ensure these two ass-pirates are convicted.
View their criminal records which include sexual assault, bylaw offences, motor vehicle charges and, of course, cruelty to animal charges.
Visit the web site dedicated to Justice for Jalupae

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  1. Marina   •  

    Thank you for this rant.

    Hello, just thought I would mention that my friend Francesco Prograno, homeless activist, is taking David Whiffin to court tomorrow at 9:30 am (Wednesday, January 6, 2010) on an unrelated matter. It is regarding illegal work and housing conditions, breach of contract, and confiscation of personal and professional goods from the claimant.

    I know this is not directly related to the thread but just in case anyone wants a chance to see this mean man in person and see how he treats humans as well.

    Francesco is an animal lover and this incident is burning his Italian blood.

    Poor horse 🙁 I agree that “destroy” is poor choice of words and a reflection of nonappreciation of a beautiful creature.

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