Unhealthy healthcare

HealthcareThe NDP have leaked the Liberal government’s plans for our beleaguered health care system and it ain’t pretty. The proposed reductions, according to today’s Province newspaper are;

    – 5800 postponed surgeries
    – 13.5 closed operating rooms
    – 112 jobs cut
    – 13 anesthesia positions eliminated
    – $90 million in total cuts over the next seven months

Disgusting to say the least. But we can always scrape up $1 billion dollars for the Olympics security bill, right? Of course. How about raises for the politician pinheads that come up with this crap. Righto! And to top it all off how about adding additional tax to everything under the sun by introducing the HST? Brilliant.
As someone that’s been dropped into the middle of our floundering healthcare system I can report that it’s broken. There’s too few doctors, too few nurses and too many patients. So our elected representatives have come up with a brilliant plan to fix it…start cutting positions and services and add to the misery. How can we let these incompetent boobs spend BILLIONS of dollars on a two week party that will line the pockets of a chosen few while we, the taxpayers, line up at clinics and doctors offices and pray we can be treated in a timely fashion before they pull the rug out from under us?
This has to end and we need to throw out the Liberals NOW. These idiots don’t have a clue and are labouring under the misconception that they’re doing the right thing. They’re not, which this latest fiasco clearly demonstrates.

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