My Healthcare Solution

surgerySo here’s my solution to our present healthcare funding issues. Forget taxes! Forget the Government! Let’s get advertisers into our hospitals!
Imagine having your gall bladder surgery sponsered by Pepsi or a vasectomy sponsered by Save-On Foods. It’s so simple it’s scary. Everything else is sponsered…the fireworks, the olympics, the Santa Claus parade so why not move those eager advertisers into our hospitals? They could plaster their logos and slogans on everything from bandaids to leg braces, surgical gowns to catheter bags. The possitilites are limitless.
The idea sounds silly but I can’t think of a good reason why it wouldn’t actually work. Advertising is everywhere including above urinals, in movie theatres (my pet peeve), on hats, tshirts, pants, shoes, gloves, scarves, glasses….well you get the idea. So why not give them what they want, that being a captive audience (literally) and all the eyeballs they could ever hope for. How about logos on your doctor’s nice white smock? Do you think you’ll head out and buy a Ford Truck if you’ve been staring at the logo while your oncologist tells you everything is going to be just fine? Of course you would. Better that than wait for our present and future government to run our healthcare system right into the ground.

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