The Invisible Candidate

Invisible CandidateDiana Dilworth, the New West-Coquitlam candidate in the byelection campaign, is being referred to by The Vancouver Sun and NDP candidate Fin Donnelly as The Invisible Candidate. Why? Because she won’t participate in all-candidate debates or media interviews which is odd behaviour for someone that’s been a public official since 1999.

The Conservative Party appears to have told Dilworth and other Tory candidates in the four federal byelections being held Monday to steer clear of reporters and other candidates. Isn’t that an odd request for a party looking for votes? Dilworth seems to be running on her party’s brand name which has enjoyed a strong performance over the past year. That’s fair enough but what does it tell us about the candidate? Little or nothing. Her web site is chock full in ‘information’ and there’s been a number of online ‘interviews’ (a safe and comfortable way to get your message out) including the recent post on

My guess is that voters in the New West-Coquitlam riding want to HEAR what the prospective candidates have to say and make up their minds based on performance and political savy not the pre-strained baby food provided on dedicated web sites. Does Ms. Dilworth really think she’ll garner votes by avoiding the tough questions and riding it out until election day? Probably, but people voted for Sam Sullivan and George Bush so anything is possible.


  1. Jon   •  

    Thanks for the plug. A curious campaign all round to say the least. Should be interesting tomorrow.

  2. James   •  

    Everytime I drive by one of those Fin Donnelly election signs I think what a great Jim Carrey stunt double he would make.

    Doesn’t he look like Carrey on the cover of Bruce Almighty?

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