We Need Our Own John & Ken

John and KenTalk radio in Greater Vancouver sucks, which is no secret to anyone that bothers to listen to the lame offerings on AM and FM stations.

The few talk show hosts on the air don’t offer hard-hitting, unbiased and accurate information for its listeners, unlike KFI AM in Los Angeles, California who have the on-air team of John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou on their roster. In my opinion they’re what talk radio should be, especially here in Greater Vancouver.

I’ve listened to John & Ken for years, for a short time on 1410 AM here in Greater Vancouver and now via the KFI AM stream and Podcasts on my Squeezeboxes. They’ve never fail to enlighten, educate and amuse, answering to no one except their listeners and residents of California. These guys actually make a difference, from initiating and supporting the recall of California Assemblyman Anthony Adams to lambasting California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (who sounds much like the past incompetent and media-hungry Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan). These guys say it like it is and don’t suffer fools on or off the the air. From politicians to celebrities, their guests are evaluated on-air and treated accordingly, some interviews ending in shouting matches and an unceremonious telephone disconnection by the hosts. They treat a lot of the self-entitled, greedy and incompetent people that affect the lives of California residents the way they should be treated. With contempt and without respect. Which is exactly what we need in Greater Vancouver.

I’d like to see what comparable local radio hosts would do with Gordon Campbell, John Furlong, Carole James, Constance Barnes and others but I’m guessing that station owners and advertisers wouldn’t support hosts that ask hard questions and demand real answers. They would be summarily fired after the first complaint from guests or listeners. Which is exactly why hosts like John & Ken don’t exist in this market. Our Canadian sensibilities wouldn’t allow anyone who robs, cheats and steals to be publicly called on the carpet for their actions. Which is why Canada is such fertile ground for dishonest politicians, thieving and violent immigrants, litigious legal system abusers and other undesirables.

Listen to John & Ken Podcasts directly from their website or click the play buttons below for topical examples of their show.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa:

Nadya Suleman (Octo-Mom)

Michael Jackson Memorial:

Nancy and Phillip Garrido (Jaycee Lee Dugard kidnappers):

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